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Criminal Defense

Brandon, FL Criminal Defense Lawyers Provide Zealous Representation

Effective, compassionate counsel for a range of state and federal charges

When you or a close family member has been arrested, it can be a very frightening time. You may be incarcerated in a county jail or federal holding facility, desperately waiting to be released on bail. Even if you are not incarcerated, you and your family may experience anxiety and sleepless nights, worrying about how your case will end and what will happen to you. Faught & Faught, P.A. can’t completely eliminate the stress that an arrest and criminal charges cause, but we stand by our clients during these difficult periods. Our attorneys provide compassion, understanding and zealous representation in your time of need. While each case is unique, we always strive to minimize the effects and ramifications so that you can put the case behind you and move on with your professional and personal life.

Skill and experience at your side throughout the legal process

Our firm is determined to protect your rights at every stage of your case. We manage defenses for misdemeanor and felony charges in state and federal court, such as:

  • Assault crimes — We provide a proactive defense to charges such as domestic violence, domestic battery, aggravated battery, assault, and aggravated assault.
  • Drug crimes — Our attorneys have experience in drug cases ranging from simple possession in state court to federal criminal charges of trafficking and manufacturing illicit drugs.
  • Sexual offenses — We provide determined defense to a variety of sex crimes, including child molestation and statutory rape, Internet sex crimes, possession of child pornography, rape, and sexual assault. While fighting for your liberty, we are discreet and protective of your reputation throughout the legal process.
  • Theft crimes — We defend clients against the full gamut of theft crime charges, from shoplifting to armed robbery, including burglary, embezzlement, extortion, fraud, larceny, and robbery. Our experience encompasses misdemeanor cases of petit theft and felony charges of grand theft.
  • White collar crime — We are adept at defending highly technical charges of white collar crime, such as embezzlement, computer hacking, healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud, and securities fraud, as well as alleged criminal conspiracies, such as money laundering and federal racketeering charges under the RICO statute.

Faught and Faught puts our clients’ rights first. If you contact our Brandon, Florida office soon after an arrest, we move quickly to avoid the prosecutor’s formal filing of harmful criminal charges. If we are not able to prevent the filing of formal charges up-front, we conduct an extensive investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. In felony cases, we take as many discovery depositions as possible to uncover the weaknesses in the prosecution’s cases. After we have investigated your case thoroughly, we may be able to work out a plea bargain to avoid stiff criminal penalties. If we cannot avert the filing of charges or work out a satisfactory plea deal, then we prepare thoroughly to take your case before a jury of your peers.

Often, clients come to us for help with an arrest record that is holding them back from pursuing an education or a career, or preventing them from getting credit. Under certain circumstances we can assist with the sealing and expungement of your arrest record so you can put your arrest permanently behind you.

Contact our Brandon, Florida law firm for effective criminal defense in the Tampa Bay area

Do not let your liberty and reputation slip away. If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact Faught & Faught, P.A. today to schedule a consultation to discuss your criminal case. Call 813-681-4246 or contact our Brandon, FL office online. Please be advised there may be a consultation fee for initial jailhouse visits.

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