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Child Custody / Time-Sharing

We protect and assert our client’s rights.

The most important aspect of a person’s life is raising and spending time with their children. This is why the most important issue and most emotional issues in many divorces and other family law cases is child custody/time-sharing and parental responsibility.

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Ellis R. Faught, III P.A. handles all types of family law cases, including issues related to child custody/time-sharing and parental responsibility. When a new case comes in to our office involving time-sharing and parental responsibility, we understand the sensitive nature of the case, and we begin to work on the case immediately. We will discuss the client’s concerns and goals, investigate the facts, and advise the client as to the law and what can and cannot be accomplished. After that, we will come up with a plan to achieve the desired results.

If you have been served with court papers related to child custody/time-sharing or parental responsibility, or if wish to pursue an action related to these issues, call our office today at (813) 681-4246 to schedule a consultation with Ellis R. Faught, III, P.A.

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