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If your marriage seems to be coming to an end, you may be left in a position in which you are unable to provide for the necessities of life, you may be unsure where your children will live or how much time you will be able to spend with your children, you may wonder where you will live or what property you should receive. This can be a frightening place to find yourself. Since many aspects of a divorce are final once there is a judgment, it is important to protect your rights concerning your children and your property. Do not sign any documents before talking with a family law attorney because you may be waiving important rights. If you or someone you know has been left in this position or fear that you will be, then it is time to discuss your situation with a family law attorney, so that you are not left “out in the cold” when your divorce becomes final.

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When a person is contemplating divorce, it is a very serious and most often a very emotional time in their life. Unfortunately, this time is made worse by the complicated process of divorce which can be highly unpredictable because the facts and personalities involved in each case are different. At The Law Office Of Ellis R. Faught, III, P.A., we understand this. We are here to discuss the various aspects of the divorce process, and help you get through the process.

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