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Mediation in Florida

We protect and assert our client’s rights.

When going through almost any type of disputed family law case, both parties will likely be required to attend mediation at some point in the case. In mediation, a neutral third party (the mediator), the two parties and their lawyers sit down together and attempt to reach an agreement. While it is sometimes beneficial to reach an agreement through mediation, attending mediation without a full knowledge of your legal rights and obligations can have devastating and long-lasting consequences both emotionally and financially. If you are involved in a disputed family law case, it is important to speak to an experienced family law attorney so that you do not waive important rights or undertake unnecessary obligations as a result of an unadvised mediation.

How we can we help?

We protect you during your legal proceedings.

Our office does not provide mediation services by serving as private mediators. However, as your family law attorney, our office will tenaciously advocate your position at mediation. In order to do this, we thoroughly investigate the facts and issues in each case and come to a determination of each party’s legal rights and obligations. Armed with this knowledge and preparation, we are better able to reach a fair and equitable settlement that is in the best interest of our client.

If you or someone you care about is going through a disputed family law case, and family law mediation is impending, do not go to mediation alone. You may end up waiving important rights by signing a binding mediation agreement. Do not let this happen to you, contact Faught & Faught, P.A. so that we can protect your rights during family law mediation.

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