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For many travelers, a Caribbean cruise is the adventure of a lifetime. But too often, cruise ship negligence turns a much-anticipated journey into a lengthy, expensive and painful convalescence. If you are injured on a cruise, you may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses as well as your pain and suffering. However, cruise lines are very savvy about structuring contracts to limit their liability. To even the playing field, you need experienced and knowledgeable representation from the trustworthy lawyers at Faught & Faught, P.A.

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If you’re injured on a cruise out of the Port of Tampa, which is a departure point for lines such as Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian, you may have to convalesce here. Since the period immediately after the accident is the best time to retain an attorney, you should attempt to contact a trustworthy local firm. With Faught & Faught, you get experienced local counsel who can begin investigating immediately and manage your case capably through to conclusion. Our attorneys know the local courts, their specific rules and procedures, and their personnel.

Skilled lawyers explain common personal injuries related to cruise ships

When it leaves port, a cruise ship is a self-contained city on the sea. Anything that might go wrong on land due to someone’s negligence could also happen on board. But when you’re on a cruise, the operator exercises almost total control over the environment. Carelessness can result in such mishaps as:

  • Falls — Travelers are in a strange environment, so the cruise lines are under a duty of care to identify, warn of and eliminate hazards that could cause passengers to slip or trip.
  • Food poisoning — The cruise line controls the food supply. Therefore, spoilage or negligent preparation can have devastating and widespread effects.
  • Contagious disease — Passengers are in close quarters, so any unsanitary conditions or negligent medical care can allow infectious diseases to run rampant.
  • Crime — If the cruise line is negligent about security, such as by hiring personnel who pose an unreasonable risk to passengers, the cruise line can be liable for assaults, thefts and other criminal acts.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries from these causes or others, you can trust our team to thoroughly investigate and uncover the facts necessary to build a compelling case.

Understanding where cruise line liability begins and ends

A cruise operator may be liable for harm suffered by passengers offshore if it knew or should have known that a port of call was unreasonably hazardous. Further, the cruise ship may be directly liable if it sponsors a specific offshore activity that leads to a passenger’s injuries. In such cases, cruise lines often try to avoid liability by asserting that the passenger “assumed the risk” and may even have signed a waiver. Waivers may shield a cruise line from liability for some inherently dangerous activities if it can prove the injured passenger was aware of the risks. But a waiver does not protect the company when the harm resulted from its own negligence rather than the activity itself. Liability issues can be difficult to sort out, which is why you should only trust your case to an experienced cruise ship injury attorney.

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If you or a loved one has been injured on a cruise from Tampa Bay, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The determined personal injury lawyers at Faught & Faught, P.A. in Brandon, FL are ready to take on the major cruise lines to fight for your rights. Call 813-681-4246 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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